Kosh Consulting Group is a premier consulting firm and a leading advisor on human capital and corporate strategy.  We strive to be the trusted global partner for our clients, with an unwavering focus on providing transformative solutions that best addresses their highest value opportunities and most critical needs.


We distinguish ourselves through strategic long-term partnerships with key clients, and through a high level of customization and world-class service.  The delivery of our solutions rests on an integrated network of freelance consultants in a broad range of disciplines.





At all times, we strive to put the interests of our clients above our own.  If necessary, we will make the added effort and spend the extra time above and beyond our call of duty, if that is what it takes to fulfill our mission.  Putting clients first also means a willingness to take on projects that are sometimes overlooked by others, or going into an area of work that does not necessarily maximise our profit, if by doing so we can be of greater service to our valued clients.



To adapt effectively to the rapidly changing global business environment, we maintain a mindset that is always open to new ways of looking at issues, and new approaches to doing things.  Openness also means a readiness to accept and establish close relationships with new clients, partners and colleagues.  Openness in innovation denotes a preparedness to change or adapt the way we design our products, the way we deliver our services, and the way we serve and communicate with our clients.



Clients value us because we are good at what we do, and we constantly strive to excel in everything we undertake.  This means setting standards for ourselves that are higher than what is expected of us, delivering better than others, and pushing ourselves to improve from where we were before.  A culture of excellence starts with a mindset, and ultimately transcends into every aspect of our organization including our products, services, policies, practices and infrastructure.



To be successful, we will not cut corners and do less than is required, take inappropriate short cuts, or compromise on our commitments out of expediency.  We remain mindful not to take undue risks that may jeopardise our clients, partners, shareholders and colleagues.  Success is a journey and not a destination, and our conviction is that our success will be a natural consequence of a journey well traveled.  This is why we focus all our attention to make sure that we stay true to our hearts.



By integrity we mean honesty, truthfulness, a consistency of character, and a steadfastness in upholding our values, beliefs and principles.  Integrity is our inner guide through good times and bad, a shining light that gives us clear direction under the most challenging of circumstances.  Integrity keeps us on the right path, and steers us away from all things negative, illegal, immoral or exploitative.  Faced with a choice, we will always choose integrity over everything else.



We are a firm from Asia, for Asia.  We are proud of our Asian roots, and we understand the Asian mindset.  We believe that our appreciation of Asia’s unique values, cultures and practices makes us highly suited as an adviser to help clients unlock the hidden talents of their people.  Our top priority is to serve the Asian market, and we will focus our undivided attention to make sure that our clients in the region get the best from us that they deserve.



We are as good as our reputation, and our reputation should be such that everyone will be proud to be associated with us.  We are who we are, and we do not pretend to be who we are not. We will spare no expense in cultivating a reputation of an organisation that operates at the highest professional standards.  Protecting this reputation from harmful intent is a top priority, one that we will pursue to the maximum extent possible.  We do not court controversies, and avoid negative publicity at all costs.