Professional Advice Delivered Better

The Kosh Consulting Group is a unique professional services firm that helps clients harness the talent of exceptional independent consultants, to deliver high quality solutions in a more flexible and cost effective manner compared to traditional consulting practices.

Discerning Clients

Astute clients recognise the challenges in engaging, motivating and retaining highly qualified professionals both in-house and in consulting firms. Many enlightened clients welcome the opportunity to work with great consultants based on a closely supervised and highly flexible approach that offers great value.

Independent Consultants

Our consultant panel comprises of individuals who have been carefully selected based on their qualifications, expertise, experience, intellect, personality and values. Consultants enjoy much control and flexibility in the work that they take on, allowing them to serve clients on projects that bring out the best in them.

Best Outcomes

The positive and engaging work arrangements that we have created has garnered great feedback. Satisfied clients benefit from having good work done by qualified and motivated professionals delivered to a high standard, while happy consultants enjoy serving clients meaningfully in an empowering environment.

The Future Of Consulting

In the coming years, our workplace will experience tremendous disruption brought on by technological advances. By innovating the way our firm is structured and how our services are delivered, we are well positioned to ride this wave and reap the rewards that these changes will bring. As we succeed in doing so, our clients will be the biggest beneficiaries. Click on the link below to see how we organise our work in the new economy.

Kosh Infographic Final
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